Create a Video using 3 EASY Steps and 3 SIMPLE tools

Apparently it is ALL about VIDEO these days! Live Stream, SnapChat, Video Clips, Stories as well video channels like YouTube. So where is a person to start?

I highly recommend these 3 EASY steps and 3 EASY tools, to create and incorporate video marketing effectively into your Social Media Strategy.

Record 1-3 minute videos on your phone

That’s right! I’m not talking about high-end, production quality, documentaries on your business. People just want to see YOU! The more real the video clip is, the more engagement you will get. Most people are shy in front of the camera so I have come up with a quick script to help you with direction.


Introduction – Say hello and introduce yourself.

3 Marketing Points – What are 3 things you want your audience to know about your business right now.

Call to action – Come by, give us a call, check out our website.

Now that you have your script, how do you use your phone most effectively to get the best video possible? I recommend you using a tripod (clean video), a phone lapel mic (plugs into your phone) and a video editing app (splice, iMovie or something equivalent)

These three tools will help you look good and sound good! the tripod keeps your phone steady, the mic allows you to get great sound, even with background noise and the video editing app allows you to cut out the awkward part at the beginning and end where you push the start/stop button. You can also add text and logo to make you videos look more polished. (think website, hashtag, event date)

I hope these quick tips help make Video EASY for you! As always, email me if you have any questions!

Happy Filming!