Do you have a vision for 2020?

It’s January and you are ready for the new year! If your like me you have a list of goals and are pumped and ready to go! New year, new goals, new you. Right? I am right there with you! I have a list of goals that range from practical to sky high and I am ready to make them all happen this YEAR! Ha. If only it was that easy. But that’s how pumped I am! I know that having dreams and goals are important and up until now I have always been able to quickly make a list of those dreams and goals, but never great setting up a pathway to achieve them. Maybe it’s because my list was overwhelming and I just didn’t know where to begin or maybe it was because I just got caught up in the day to day life and pushed those goals and dreams to the side. It was both!

I am a full time working mother of three and a wife. My life to say the least is busy! My family comes first and my mama hustle is strong! I need to contribute to my household providing for my families needs, but also for a lifestyle allowing my kids to make childhood memories and partake in the activities they love. Right there, you see I am definitely a mama. Putting those kids first I lost me and even my husband a long the way in that hustle.

This year I felt a shift. Maybe it’s that age thing everyone tells us when you’re “young.” It was something like, “some knowledge and prospective comes with age.” Maybe they were right. Whatever the reason, I sat down to make my goals this year and I felt the shift of priorities. Yes, my family is always going to be towards the top of the list, its just the way I’m built. But, I have been living my life with a mindset of, “I’ll get there one day.” DAYS are flying by! Getting caught up in the day to day routine has been years of my children growing right before my eyes, my marriage, although great, could be better, and opportunities missed because my mindset was “one day.”

My vision for 2020 is clear on what I would like to achieve and now I have set the pathway of the goal making it a priority to stick to it. It will now be a part of the day to day. The day to day will be intentional. I am waking up each morning with the intention to making a new habit to allow my goal be met, rather than it just pushed aside. The “one day” is now!

I encourage dreaming big and setting those scary goals and not so scary goals. Every goal is worth having big or small. To be honest the most rewarding goal is always scary a little if not a lot. Keep those goals and carry them over to the next list when completing each goal you have and come up with new ones. But buckle down and pick one to complete first. Set that pathway and stick to it.

Let’s let the new year, the beginning of the new decade be one to remember. The year you started your vision and helped it come to light. The time is now, the time will always be now, not tomorrow or next week, or even next month. If you have a goal that will jump start your vision for your business or even your personal life, invest in your goal now and get ready for the ride. You deserve it!