Power of the Event Page

It’s EVENT SEASON and I have be counseling a lot of organizations on the power of the Facebook Event Page.

Why use a Facebook Event Page to advertise your event?

  1. It’s free advertising!
  2. You create the initial feel of the event by creating fantastic cover art for the event page.
  3. All the details including a google map link, ticket link, and a schedule of events are in one place.
  4. You can add co-hosts and gain more exposure instantly.
  5. You can post in the event anything that is relevant to people actually wanting to go to the event, not just everyone on your Facebook Page.
  6. You can share the event page to your own page/friends or personally invite your friends to the event.
  7. You have the opportunity to boost the event or posts.
  8. You can add images, video or live feed to the event page directly.
  9. Once someone says they are going it gets added to their calendar and a reminder is sent to their Facebook notifications.
  10. I think THE BEST thing is that everyone who is interested in the event gets a notification every time some new content is added. How cool is that!

A Facebook Event Page definitely needs to be added to your EVENT TO DO LIST for every event!

As always, if you need help with your Facebook event page email us.
We would love to help!