Time to Get Organized

The simplest and most effective way to have a Social Media presence is to be organized. Trust me here… keep reading.

Many marketing folks try and figure out what to post every day as they are posting. You may even have a content calendar and you follow it for a month or so and then go back to your “post when you can” method. I get it, creating engaging content day after day, week after week, or year after year is NOT always fun! Unfortunately, it is incredibly necessary. As a business who does this year after year for many clients I am going to share some insider tips to help you keep all your hair and you sanity.

TIP #1

We don’t do content calendars for every client but we do choose which days we will post for each client. Some clients have organizations or businesses that do not change very often. They tend to stay stable and steady. For these clients, a content calendar works GREAT! We can plan something to post a month in advance and know it won’t change and it will be relevant.

However, for most of our clients we choose patterns of posting instead. For example; Tuesdays will be shared content from website, partners or evergreen content and Fridays will be new/relevant posts we create on the fly. You need to decided which method works best for you.

TIP #2

We love posting Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays. Why you ask… great question! We post our best content for the week on Fridays and boost with a small budget. We get better ROI on our boost because more eyes tend to see it over the weekend. Since we boost a post on Friday we assume the traction will last until Monday. Then we do our next post o Tuesday or Wednesday without a boost to fill in the gap and keep the momentum going.

TIP #3

Create event pages. It’s a great way to attract attention to an event, sale, ribbon cutting or anniversary without paying for the attention. If you share the heck out it and add your friends, your reach expands organically (not paid reach) and every time you post in the event the people who are interested in the event get a FREE notice, aka reminder, of whatever you are promoting.

As always, if you have any questions we are always here to help! Just email us. Happy Posting!