Where are all my Realtors friends?

Do you find yourself carving out time to create social media content and it taking more time than you thought? This in-turn, reducing time needed with your client or maybe cutting into family time? It can be a struggle knowing exactly what to post online. Do you post about a home you just sold a couple of times a week and sound super repetitive? Or should you just post about a new listing you put on the market? The struggle is real!

FUN FACT:  Did you know 99% of millennials begin their home search online (as opposed to in – person referrals)?

This means social media is a goldmine when it comes to real estate!

The truth is, social media is a powerful way to reach your ideal clients and its absolutely free to market yourself with!

But even though you know this, there are still a few problems…

Problem #1: What to post and When

A lot of realtors struggle with what to post and when.  As mentioned above, postings of sold homes or newly listed home on the market a couple times a week, start to sound repetitive. 

Not knowing what to post other than new listings or closures, your social media strategy is either inconsistent or nonexistent (especially if you HATE writing).

Problem #2 So. Many. Pictures!

Posting content to social media needs an eye catching graphic to accompany it!

I know, on top of the MILLION other things to do for you business, now you have to remember to take pictures for your social media and let’s be real sometimes you completely forget about it or didn’t get very good ones.

BUT… without an image you can’t post at all to Instagram. And if you post on Facebook, the fun thing called, an algorithm, isn’t going to show your content to very many people.

Problem #3 It Takes A Lot Of Time.

Even when you lock down what to post and when, these posts take a ton of time to write out!

For me, it generally takes a few hours for me to create content for the week, and I’m pretty good at this whole content creating thing!

So if you are the person who hates writing and knowing what to even share with your audience, I completely understand why this task is pushed to the bottle of the list everyday.

Nonetheless there is a way!

You can post content on social media that doesn’t take up hours of your time. Spend more time with your family. Cut out hours of brainstorming so you can spend time working with your clients. Consistently post valuable content to attract new clients. It can be done.

My suggestions.

Come up with a social media strategy, and if relevant, with team members, this will take a bit of time up front but WORTH it. Once you have your strategy you are able to create content within no time, delegate these tasks to a team member, or contract out. Create a content planner, and look into investing in scheduling tools!  

These will make your life easier and increase your business! That’s what we’re here for!

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